Our Key Chakra Soap Ingredients

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I am so excited about all the wonderful ingredients in our Chakra Soaps! I selected each one to deliver key benefits to your skin, and your spiritual and emotional health too. So, read on to dig a little deeper into why we’re so chuffed with our chakra healing soaps and the ingredients which go into them.


Goats’ Milk


I chose Goats’ Milk as the natural base for my soaps for its amazing skin-loving properties! Goat’s Milk is naturally very high in vitamins (specifically Vitamin E) and minerals, as well as being rich in butter fats, making it the perfect skin moisturiser and extremely nourishing to the skin.

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Argan Oil


I decided to add a drop (or two!) of Argan Oil to each soap bar to enhance the creamy cleansing lather and add a soft, luxurious sumptuous feel on the skin – this was so important to everyone we spoke to when we were designing our products. Argan Oil is known as Liquid Gold in skin and hair care circles!

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Pure Essential Oils


I love essential oils and the scents they lend to products like soaps, body oils, and creams make them a pleasure to use! I like all of them (except Aniseed – sorry Aniseed lovers, you can keep this one!), but my favourites are the heady, intoxicating scents of Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Neroli, and Rose Geranium.

But I didn’t just choose my favourites to include in our Chakra Soaps (tempting though that was!)… every essential oil delivers awesome skin benefits, and resonates with each of the Chakras to support your Chakra health and energy too.

Smell has a powerful effect on our moods, emotions, and physical wellbeing and it blows my mind that something as simple as washing your hands to release a beautiful scent can completely change your day!

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All Natural Botanical Colours


It was super important to me that I keep as much about my Chakra Soaps and Chakra Soap Ingredients as ‘natural’ as possible. This led to some wonderful experiments and tests with ingredients like Paprika and Matcha Tea! In the end, I settled on a selection of botanical colours (the Matcha stayed, the Paprika did not!), which create a lovely soft, natural colour in each of the soaps.

Using natural botanicals also creates some colour variance between bars and batches of Chakra Soap, which I love as it just adds to the natural soap look and feel, and the uniqueness of each bar. In some cases, I traded more intense colours for softer shades to preserve the natural soap ingredient, but they still mostly match the Chakra colours we know and love.

The soft colours also mean they look great, regardless of the decor in your bathroom – a brilliant accidental win!

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A word about packaging…


We make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our packaging.

When they arrive, your Chakra Soaps will be shrink-wrapped underneath the outer wrapping. This is to ensure no moisture gets inside, which can lead to droplets on the soap. This is perfectly harmless and just means that all the lovely moisturising properties in the soap are attracting moisture from the air, but the shrink wrap stops this happening.

Shrink wrap is, in the main, recyclable, as it is made of low-density polyethylene – or polythene – and is widely recycled. To recycle, simply keep it once you have removed it and either put it in the standard recycling, or if you drop carrier bags at your local supermarket for recycling, they should accept it there too. It will probably be shredded and melted to make new shrink wrap or carrier bags!

We also wrap our Chakra Soaps in colourful tissue paper. Unfortunately, tissue paper is not currently recyclable as it is made from already recycled paper. We keep its usage to a minimum ensuring each piece is cut to the smallest size possible to reduce waste.

The outer label band is standard paper and can be recycled. The same applies to our standard cardboard postage boxes.

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Heart Chakra Soap, wrapped on cream waffle fabric with dried ear of grass | Shine Body & Bath


So, there you have it…


The full lowdown on what goes into our Chakra Soaps and why each ingredient has been chosen to support your body, mind, and soul! I love taking every opportunity to support my Chakra energy and that’s why I created Shine Body & Bath – to support everyone looking for a powerful, but accessible, way to strengthen their energy, raise their vibration, and live a more harmonious life – and enjoy using luxurious body and bath products while they do it! It’s a win-win!

So, if you fancy going a little deeper, download our Shine Soap Selector and find out which of our Chakra Soaps is perfect for you – indulge in this unique and mindful way to support your energy from Root to Crown.

But if that’s not your thing? No problem – they’re also great for washing!