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Very simply, the Chakra System is a series of seven energy centres (some advanced practitioners work with many more, but we will focus on the main seven) going up the centre of your body from the base of your spine – the Root Chakra – up to the top of your head – your Crown Chakra.

Chakra Symbols and Colours | Understanding Your Chakra System with Shine Body & Bath

Understanding your Chakra System

Each of these centres corresponds to areas of your physical, mental and energetic bodies and feeds energy in and out of your system.

When they’re balanced, spinning and working well, you feel great!

But, when there is a blockage or imbalance in one or more of these energy centres, you can experience physical, mental or emotional symptoms associated with that Chakra – ranging from the mildly annoying to more acute problems.

Blockages can happen for all kinds of reasons but for now, we just need to know that we can affect our Chakra energy with all kinds of actions from the food we eat, the colours we surround ourselves with, the scents we breathe, and the words we use (self-talk, affirmations, meditation and prayer). This is great because it means we are in control and can make small but powerful changes in our lives to ensure our Chakra energy is flowing beautifully and our natural radiance is shining for all to see.

For me, this means checking in with myself regularly to understand my body and energy levels and which Chakras might seem ‘out of whack’ – bathing and washing are both powerful chakra cleansing cues and cures. I also meditate and journal daily; use affirmations; and try to take mindful moments of calm throughout my day – again, handwashing is a great cue for this.

I do all these things – when I remember! And it’s ok not to be perfect and forget sometimes – we’re all human. That’s why something as humble and easy to access as soap and washing is a great way to remind ourselves to take a moment and check-in.

White Crown Chakra Soap | Understanding Your Chakra System with Shine Body & Bath

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