Essential Oils & Mood

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We all know there is a link between scents, essential oils & mood and we can use essential oils to trigger specific moods, feelings, and emotions. We can also use them to unblock, activate, soothe, and energise each of our Chakras too! Helping us bring our entire system back into balance or focusing on specific areas which may need some support.

When I was in the grips of some pretty serious anxiety, sometimes the only thing that could pull me through was diffusing and bathing with essential oils. Now, I diffuse essential oils into my work and living space every day, wash my hands and bathe with my essential oil-infused Chakra Soap, and meditate with the scents of supportive essential oils flowing around me.

So, what’s the scent-mood connection all about?

Essential Oils & Mood | Breathe Neon Sign | Shine Body & Bath Chakra Soap | Blog

I love a good scent!


Growing up, my mother always had nice smelling things – from posh perfume and scented candles to Dettol (it was one of her favourites!). As my interest in the Chakra system developed over the years, I was super-keen to look at all the areas in my life where I could support and maintain a great Chakra energy vibe.

I learnt early on that scent is one such important area. So, how do scents and natural oils have such a massive effect on both our Chakra system and our mood?

Essential Oils & Mood | Woman smelling flower | Shine Body & Bath Chakra Soap | Blog


Our Reptile Brain


One of our most primeval senses still connected to our limbic reptile brain is our sense of smell. As such it bypasses our rational ‘cortex’ and goes straight to our primitive mind – with the power to recall memories, feelings, and emotions – transporting us to a different place and time in an instant.

Maybe it is because of this ancient power that smell can have such a profound effect on our Chakra centres.

Essential Oils & Mood | Woman having massage | Shine Body & Bath Chakra Soap | Blog


Essential Oils in Healing


The healing qualities of plants have been known for centuries and forms the basis of modern medicine, but the healing powers of the plant aromas has long been dismissed by mainstream medicine. However, natural and spiritual healers, and physical therapists have never forgotten the power of scent – how amazing is an aromatherapy massage? It can have powerful and lasting effects on our mind, body, and spirit.

We can also harness the power of smell in Chakra healing by applying the oils directly to the Chakra centres themselves – remember if you’re applying oil to your skin make sure you use a carrier oil, if necessary. A small number of oils like Tea Tree or Lavender can be applied to the skin, but always check and be safe!

Funny story – I applied Cinnamon Oil to my lava bead bracelet and didn’t wait for it to sink in properly or wipe it as I was in a rush – cue hives up my arm!!! It’s easy to forget how powerful the stuff in those little bottles is!

I stick to getting my hit of essential oils in my Chakra Soap these days!

Essential Oils & Mood | Chakra symbols and names | Shine Body & Bath Chakra Soap | Blog


Your Chakras and Specific Oils


Each of your Chakras resonates with a range of oils and fragrances for a whole variety of reasons… the plant they are derived from, where they grow, the colour of the fruit or leaves, what they represent, how they smell, how they are used in healing.

As a start, here is a very quick guide to some oils which support each Chakra… many of these feature in some combination in each of our Chakra Soaps dedicated to each Chakra.

Your Root Chakra resonates with the warm, earthy smells of the ground, so look for heavy, grounding notes like Patchouli and Cedarwood.

Your Sacral Chakra resonates with sensual, musky smells like Ylang Ylang (one of my absolute favourites!).

Your Solar Plexus resonates with fiery spicy smells like Lemongrass or Ginger, which seem to have an energy all their own!

Your Heart Chakra loves heady, floral-smelling oils that connect you to nature – Rose Geranium is one of my faves!

Your Throat Chakra loves oils that clear energy, keeping you free to express yourself – Tea Tree oil is a great one with its clean smell and clearing action.

Your Third Eye Chakra resonates with oils that promote focus and foresight – I love to use Lavender for this.

And finally, your Crown Chakra – I love to use Neroli with its clean, fresh purity.

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Sacral Chakra Soap, unwrapped on stone soap dish with sprig of green herbs | Shine Body & Bath


So, there you have it…


You can use these oils in a diffuser or burner, as a massage medium (remember the carrier oil!), and of course, as you wash your hands, face, and body with our range of unique, luxury Chakra supportive Body & Bath products. Remember – those little bottles pack a powerful punch and can help you heal your body, mind, and spirit – so by all means have fun with them but respect them for the wonder that they are too!

I love taking every opportunity to support my Chakra energy and that’s why I created Shine Body & Bath – to support everyone looking for a powerful, but accessible, way to strengthen their energy, raise their vibration, and live a more harmonious life – and enjoy using luxurious body and bath products while they do it! It’s a win-win!

So, if you fancy going a little deeper, download our Shine Soap Selector and find out which of our Chakra Soaps is perfect for you – indulge in this unique and mindful way to support your energy from Root to Crown.

But if that’s not your thing? No problem – they’re also great for washing!