Higher Chakras & Connection

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Discover how the Higher Chakras are connected to the lower chakras to create one super-powerful, life-enhancing system.

Once you’ve stabilised and balanced your lower Chakras, you have the perfect foundation to go onwards and upwards to open your higher Chakras, which are your lightning rod to the power of the universe and your connections to your truth, your intuition, and your spirit being, via the Heart Chakra where you find your self-love and compassion.

In our last blog, we looked at how sometimes the lower Chakras get a bad rap for being… well… a bit basic!!! But now we know a strong foundation in these areas is essential to moving your energy into the higher Chakra centres.

So, today we’re going to look at what’s so great about these higher Chakras everyone’s talking about (they are talking, right?!) and how you can make them work for you.


The Bridge Chakra


We have three lower chakras (1-3) and three higher chakras (5-7), so where is the other one – number 4?

Well, that is the Heart Chakra and is sometimes referred to as the Bridge Chakra. It sits right in the centre of the chest and acts as a channel to filter that good old base energy through the loving heart centre, so it can flow into the higher Chakras with ease and love – uniting our lower Chakras of physical being with those of our spiritual higher being.

Its Sanskrit name is Anahata and it is so powerful – especially in a world where we could all do with a little more love and compassion – for ourselves and others. Devotion, love, compassion, tenderness – all live here and all need to be nurtured and cultivated. Physically, problems with the heart, circulation, and blood pressure are created by blockages or unhelpful energy stored here.

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The Higher Chakras


The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) is the first of these higher Chakras and resonates with blue energy– it sits at the base of your throat. Physically it is associated with the thyroid gland which is responsible for our growth and maturation and communication. Independence, fluent thought, and communication reside here. The need to speak our truth and tell our story comes from here and it is a powerful Chakra for anyone wanting to be heard.

Up we go to the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) and this is where things start to get really interesting from a ‘spiritual connection’ point of view. Your Third Eye is exactly what you think it is. It sits in the centre of your forehead and has the gift of sight beyond what is physically before you.

Hooked into the pituitary gland (which is the most powerful gland in the endocrine system secreting hormones to everywhere else!), this powerful Chakra balances the higher and lower selves; influences the imagination; creates inner wisdom, guidance, intuition, and inner sight; even producing clairvoyance and psychic abilities. All this sitting here waiting to be activated!

Now you get why people are in a rush to get here!

And if you think that’s impressive, wait until you see what’s next!

The Crown Chakra is so ‘spiritually connected to the divine’ it doesn’t even sit ‘on’ the body. Located around one inch from the top of the head it sizzles with universal energy and gives us access to what lies beyond our earthly preoccupations… releasing Karma and Karmic patterns from this and previous lives; connection to universal consciousness (accessing the Akashic records is usually done from this space) – an awakened, supported, active and balanced Crown Chakra is a super-powerful force!


Balance is key


But beware, with great power comes great responsibility (do I need to credit Spiderman??!).

Pushing through to activate your Crown Chakra without doing the groundwork – remember those good old lower Chakras?! Could lead to out-of-control encounters with other realms; the development of a God Complex; the inability to ground yourself in reality; losing yourself so completely in spirituality you may not be able to find your way home.

Yet again, we can see the power each of the individual Chakras has to influence and enrich our lives, but it’s so important to see the system as a ‘whole’. Rushing to focus on one Chakra or on the Higher Chakras exclusively can throw the whole thing out of whack!

Gentle activation and balancing of all the Chakras in harmony is a super gentle and nurturing way to go. If you have identified imbalances in specific Chakras, by all means spend some extra time working on them but remember to balance the whole system at the end of any Chakra balancing activity.

A simple visualisation of each of the Chakras as spinning balls of coloured light – all spinning at exactly the same speed and the same size can be enough to bring you back into balance and alignment.

Hopefully, now you can see the benefits of the Higher Chakras and their Lower Chakra counterparts which come together to create one powerful system!

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What you can do


I love taking any opportunity to support my Chakra energy and that’s why I created Shine Body & Bath – to support everyone looking for a powerful, but accessible way to strengthen their energy, raise their vibration, and live a more harmonious life – and enjoy using luxurious body and bath products while they do it!

Our Heart Chakra Soap for Love & Compassion, Throat Chakra Soap for Communication & Truth, Third Eye Chakra Soap for Vision & Insight, and Crown Chakra Soap for Spirit & Inspiration are great places to start working with your higher Chakra energy. If you fancy going a bit deeper, you can download our Shine Soap Selector and find out which of our Chakra Soaps is perfect to support your energy. This guide also includes loads of hints and tips for supporting all your Chakras.

Indulge in this unique and mindful way to support your energy from Root to Crown – also great for washing!