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Power of the Lower Chakras

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In this blog, I’m going to take a quick look at the Lower Chakras –
starting at the bottom and working our way up!

Let’s start at the beginning…


There are seven main Chakras, starting with the Root at the base of the spine; moving up through the lower Chakras; to the Bridge Chakra (the Heart); and up to the Crown Chakra just above the top of the head. Some practitioners work with up to 21 chakras (!) but the most widely accepted wisdom in the west is that there are seven.

The first three Chakras are known collectively as the ‘Physical or Lower Chakras’ and relate to self-image and our physical and emotional identity.

The Root Chakra is the first of these and resonates with the energy of the colour red – the red clay of mother earth. Responsible for our safety and security it is linked to our most basic physical needs – shelter, food, and safety. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually it governs stability, security and belonging.

Moving up to the Sacral Chakra (just below your belly button), and this energy centre burns bright orange. It is responsible for our need to create, how we see ourselves in the physical world, and our self-worth. Joy, enthusiasm, desires, and emotions all exist in this centre.

The last of the physical Chakras is the Solar Plexus Chakra and is, well, in your Solar Plexus! It is the energetic centre of the body and is where our ‘Prana’ or breath/lifeforce originates and flows out to the rest of the body. Sunshine yellow feeds this Chakra with powerful energy and it rules our willpower, self-esteem, personal power, and emotional growth.

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Why your lower Chakras are so important…


Just writing this gives me goosebumps! I can feel the awesome power of those three Chakras jumping off the page! Most people want to focus on the higher Chakras – the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown – because they feel more ‘worthy’ – more cerebral and more ‘spiritual’. But, think about it…

If you want to speak your truth and activate your Throat Chakra – how can you do that if you don’t feel safe? How can you do that if you don’t really know who you are? How can you do that if you can’t step into your personal power?

If you want to connect with your intuition and activate your Third Eye Chakra – how can you do that if you don’t trust yourself enough to listen? How can you do that if you don’t have the creativity to come up with the answers you need? How can you do that if you can’t grow?

For me, everything starts with the first three Chakras. Imbalances here can leave you feeling:

  • Disconnected from your surroundings – like you don’t belong
  • Worthless
  • Anxious
  • Introverted
  • Unable to really experience joy
  • Lacking enthusiasm
  • Stuck

I’m sure we’ve all felt at least one of those things some of the time. Maybe your energetic foundations need a little extra support.

So, hopefully, now you understand why the lower Chakras are so important and should not be neglected – they are your powerhouse of self – your key to who you are and create the foundation for complete Chakra health.

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What you can do


I love taking any opportunity to support my Chakra energy and that’s why I created Shine Body & Bath – to support everyone looking for a powerful, but accessible way to strengthen their energy, raise their vibration, and live a more harmonious life – and enjoy using luxurious body and bath products while they do it!

Our Root Chakra Soap for Grounding & Strength, our Sacral Chakra Soap for Sensuality & Joy, and our Solar Plexus Chakra Soap for Power & Energy are a great place to start working with your lower Chakra energy. If you fancy going a bit deeper, you can download our Shine Soap Selector and find out which of our Chakra Soaps is perfect to support your energy. This guide also includes loads of hints and tips for supporting all your Chakras.

Indulge in this unique and mindful way to support your energy from Root to Crown – also great for washing!

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