The Chakra System and Anxiety – What’s the connection?

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A great question popped up on my Instagram this week. It’s something that comes up regularly in my conversations with people about the Chakra system and how my products can help them…

“Which ones are good for anxiety and overwhelm? Asking for a friend”

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Where in the Chakra System does Anxiety lurk?


Well, that’s the $million question!

And not as simple to answer as you’d think. The first thing to consider is that there isn’t one single Chakra that is responsible for anxiety. Yes, each Chakra is associated with specific physical, mental, and emotional symptoms and functions, but anxiety is such a complex issue and, not all anxiety is the same.

When I used to work 121 with clients, I had a specific method for identifying where in their Chakra System anxiety had become stuck or where their energy had become blocked and causing the anxiety. Once we knew that, we could look at ways to move, rebalance, or refocus the energy so they could find some relief. I was constantly amazed by how accurately the process could identify where the energy blockages were causing anxiety and how quickly those blockages would help us to understand what we needed to do.

It’s worth noting that anxiety could be caused by an imbalance, or be the cause of the imbalance. I’ve learnt to be less concerned with asking ‘why?’ – it’s usually unhelpful when it comes to anxiety and almost always sends you into a spiral of overthinking and catastrophising. Whether imbalance causes anxiety or the other way round, the solutions are the same. So it’s best to let it go.

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Each Chakra Centre and Anxiety


Let’s look at each Chakra in turn and how anxiety could manifest, be triggered by, or trigger imbalances in each one.

Root Chakra: imbalances here manifest as anxiety about physical or personal safety.  Worries that our physical needs won’t be met (money, shelter, food), or that we are in real or perceived physical danger. This could express itself as weakness in the legs or back; issues in your bowels; tingling, energy, nervousness which originates deep inside your core and spreads outwards.

Sacral Chakra: imbalances here can be associated with fears around guilt and judgement. Guilt is the ‘demon’ (Anodea Judith) of the Sacral Chakra and when we focus so hard on things we have done wrong or might be judged for, we can start to obsess and create anxiety in this Chakra. Physically, you might feel more anxious during hormonal changes through the month, PMS and your periods could be painful and debilitating, or you might get stomach pains or cramps. Emotions are the realm of the Sacral, so feeling out of control of your emotions or conversely not allowing yourself to feel your emotions, so never moving the emotion through your body.

Solar Plexus Chakra: The Solar Plexus is all about our personal power and ‘ego’, so when we feel disempowered, unimportant or ashamed, anxiety can gather here. Physically, look out for digestive issues, indigestion, acid reflux, feeling sick, or upper abdominal tension, pain or ‘stuck energy’.

Heart Chakra: So many symptoms of anxiety manifest here from breathing problems to chest pain, to tingling arms, cold hands, pulsing energy in our heart centre – many people mistake panic attacks for heart attacks and for good reason. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between our lower and upper chakras, so energy often gathers and gets stuck here before we can move it upwards. Grief, emotional pain, fear of being hurt, or fear for our loved ones can cause blockages in the Heart Chakra.

Throat Chakra: This is a very common area for anxiety to manifest particularly in women, and is the most Ronseal of them all – “does what it says on the tin”. Fear of speaking up, or being heard, or of being ignored. Easily identifiable triggers include public speaking, not knowing what to say, not hearing what others are saying to us – all clearly Throat Chakra issues. Again, physical symptoms are pretty clear – persistent throat issues, tonsilitis, Glandular Fever, dry throat/mouth, literally not being able to speak when you need/want to, neck ache, tension in the shoulders. Less obvious are issues with hearing, the ears, and understanding/communication.

Third Eye Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra is all about ‘seeing’ and being seen – literally and metaphorically. Anxiety about being seen (not being seen), standing out, being the centre of attention – all classic Third Eye issues. Your Third Eye sits in the centre of your forehead, so any issue with the head, migraines, tension headaches, eye strain, tunnel vision – these could all be stuck energy here.

Crown Chakra: The Crown Chakra is our connection to something greater than ourselves and anxiety here can come with associated depression and sadness. Fears of being alone, being left, and disconnected accompanied by feelings of ‘what’s the point?’ can indicate Crown Chakra anxiety. Physically, it could manifest as feeling faint (or actually fainting), feeling light-headed or unsteady, or prickling sendations and tension on the scalp.

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How to Support your Chakra Centres if you’re
Feeling Anxious


So, you’ve reviewed the above and feel confident that you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety. You’ve pinpointed the thoughts that are causing it and/or the physical sensations which could be the cause or the effect – told you it was a complex issue! And you know where in your Chakra system you need to focus your healing attention.

What can you do to support the Chakra which has become blocked so you can clear the energy and allow your system to return to balance?

The first thing you need to do is click here and download the Chakra Health Checkup. You’ll get a nifty little quiz, so you can dig a bit deeper into your Chakra health and then you will get loads of awesome, simple suggestions to strengthen each of your Chakras – starting with the one(s) you’re most concerned about.

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What I do to Support my Chakra System through Anxiety


I love a routine or ritual, so to deal with the anxiety I experience, I have a few things I do regularly – preventative, supportive, and proactive! (Firstly, I try to never say ‘my anxiety’ – it’s not mine, so I don’t want to keep hold of it thank you very much! I am not my anxiety – it’s something that I experience, but I know it will pass.)

The anxiety I experience manifests in my Root Chakra and my Heart Chakra – I won’t share the thoughts that accompany it, but physically, I feel an energy build deep inside of me until it flows and pulsates out through my whole body. It feels red and hot and lives in my core. I also struggle to breathe. And I can feel the blood coursing and my heart pounding in my whole body.

Classic Root and Heart Chakra connection!!!

Here are some of the things I do:

  • Use Root and Heart Chakra soaps throughout the house
  • Diffuse supportive essential oils in my oil burner
  • Meditate on those Chakras and on bringing the whole system into balance – Insight Timer has loads of free ones
  • Drink out of red and green mugs!
  • Slow down and breathe – I go to a breathwork class, which has also really helped
  • Anything that grounds me
  • Great sleep hygiene
  • Foot/leg rubs using Root Chakra Temple, Hand & Body Balm
  • Rubbing Heart Chakra Temple, Hand & Body Balm in circular motions into my chest as I visualise a green ball of light over my heart centre – I do this before bed, it’s so calming (you can use the relevant balm on the relevant Chakra point and visualise the associated ball of colour – you can do this anytime and as slowly or quickly as you like!)
  • Salt baths
  • Carry supportive crystals with me, and have them dotted around the house – I particularly love my hematite and my black tourmaline which live at the corners of my bed!
  • I use affirmations – you can check out Root specific ones here, Heart ones here
  • I thank my Inner Warrior (my Root Chakra avatar) and my Inner Protector (my Heart Chakra avatar) for sending me messages of loving protection, and let them know I’m ok – I’ve got this. If you would like to know more about the other avatars, let me know and I can produce some info.

If you downloaded the Chakra Health Checkup – there will be loads more ideas in there for all your Chakra Centres.

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So, there you have it…


My take on The Chakra System and Anxiety and how you can support your Chakras to create more balance, move the energy through your system, and get unstuck.

If you fancy going a little deeper into the Chakra element of all our products, download our Chakra Health Checkup and find out which of your Chakras could use a little extra support and which of our products can help you do that best – indulge in this unique and mindful way to support your energy from Root to Crown.